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Diabetic Health Insurance Options

Unfortunately many people with diabetes are regarding as a liability by insurance companies and therefore often stonewalled from getting health insurance. This makes it difficult for many to afford the supplies necessary to maintain the destructive disease, such as insulin, test strips and meters. These are essential tools needed to regulate a disease in which elevated blood glucose levels lead to serious health complications. Maintaining diabetes is crucial to preventing heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, and lower-limb amputation.

The Medical Underwriting Process and Diabetes

‘Medical underwriting’ is the process that many individual health insurers use to decide whether or not to sell coverage to a person, basing their decision on a person’s health status, medical history and various characteristics. Many medical underwriters automatically deny coverage based on a person having diabetes.

But despite these barriers there are still many options available for people living with diabetes and needing health coverage. For those purchasing individual plans, 46 states require diabetes education, equipment and supply coverage in their state-regulated plans. Alabama, Idaho, Ohio and North Dakota are the states that are excluded from these requirements.

Many states have issued laws to protect the rights of diabetics and you can search for insurance coverage in your state through local advocacy agencies.

Diabetes and Medicare

People who are age 65 and older are eligible for Medicare, the national health insurance program for seniors and people under 65 living with disabilities. Medicare is required by law to cover diabetes education services, blood glucose monitoring supplies, and insulin pumps. The program does not cover insulin, oral medications, or syringes for the majority of seniors in America.

Approximately 40 million Americans are covered by Medicare.

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